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bc1qwnvytjpjddf5kznpu3aan00ffm3y5nujh4vw2k 1 AGRO = 25 USD IN THIS CASE, WE ONLY ACCEPT BTC.

AgroPot® Oil — DEMO — NOT SALE –DEMO —

Agropot® Oil - - DEMO - - NOT SALE -- DEMO -- SALE -- DEMO -- The reason why I registered the brand of Hot Sauce, Rey del Chile Habanero® three years ago, is because there are two very successful models that are Tabasco® and Sriracha®, two leading companies in sales and distribution worldwide that bring together producers trained to create a non-perishable product with added value and for that reason we developed a Research Protocol to develop Agropot® Oil which is considered an asset and its process our Industrial Secret. AcFajBPdLFuconDh2SGmdjWLtqagDHaMgm

Mota Comix

We could put as an antecedent of this publication the magazine Yerba, published in the 70s by Editorial Posada, inspired by the hippie movement, using the language of the wave and being one of the first to publish underground comix under license in our country. Or more recently, to the Cáñamo magazine, whose objective is to spread cannabis culture in a somewhat more formal way, without opting for the stoner side of the reading public.